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Meadow Lane’s stunning collection of luxury vases has been carefully curated to beautifully complement our faux florals. The understated, earthy textures of our stone effect vases and large rustic vases work with any interior and will suit both our House and Seasonal flower displays.

The perfect vase can add elegance and personality to a bouquet. The detailing, shapes and neutral colours of our high-end rustic vases are specifically chosen to complement any flower arrangement, and any décor style. Each one of our luxury vases is made from high quality materials that are made to last. They will look equally good as a display piece on their own, or with a bunch of artificial flowers.

Scroll down to see our luxury contemporary glass and ceramic rustic vases in the Oxfordshire area…

MeadowLaneflorals-Stone Vase Stow 158.jpg
Fritillaries Pattern Meadowlane Faux Florals

Contemporary Glass Vases

We love the simple design of our Campden vase. Ideal for individual stems, this perfectly round vase creates a relaxed look, and will be a great addition to side tables and consoles. 

Ceramic Vases

Ceramic is a hard-wearing yet versatile material that can be made into any shape or style. The understated Bilbury white ceramic vase is perfect as a centerpiece on a mantelpiece or coffee table. Its simple design will look elegant with any bouquet of flowers or stems. Those seeking a large rustic vase will love our Moreton, Stow, and Burford vases which are finished in a beautiful stone effect.

Shipped from our warehouse in Oxfordshire, all our luxury vases are carefully and securely packed, to be delivered to wherever you are in the UK. 

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