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Frequently asked questions

  • Shipping and deliveries
    We work closely with our delivery partner Royal Mail for all UK deliveries. For UK standard delivery, the charge is £4.95. Items are usually ready for dispatch in 3-5 business days. This may be slightly longer during sale or peak periods. If you need your order by a particular date, please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate you.
  • Returns
    Our stems and arrangements are carefully picked, wrapped and packed by hand at Meadow Lane's headquarters in Oxfordshire. In the unlikely event that your delivery doesn’t arrive in the condition expected, please let us know and we will endeavour to rectify this as swiftly as possible.
  • Is online payment the only way to pay?
    Yes. Please order and pay for all items online via our secure website.
  • Caring for your Meadow Lane delivery
    Please see our Top Tips page
  • Can my faux stems be left outside?
    Many people ask us this question! Our faux stems are made of silk and other delicate materials so they aren’t designed to be left outside for long periods. Outdoor faux plants and stems are often covered with UV coating, making them less likely to fade, but also much less realistic. Meadow Lane arrangements and individual stems are more than suitable for an afternoon in the garden, but should be brought back indoors when the festivities are over.
  • Will my faux display fade over time?
    Whilst we want you to enjoy your display for as long as possible, its lifespan will depend on how it's used, where it's displayed, the varying temperatures and the manner in which it is kept and stored. We can guarantee that your faux stems will last much longer than real flowers though. Vibrantly coloured flowers will fade quicker than more subtle colours, but as with many fabrics, artificial materials will lighten overtime. To ensure the longevity of your arrangement(s) we recommend that you place them out of direct sunlight. Many customers extend the life of their blooms by continually rotating them according to the season, their mood or their interiors. Please see our Top Tips page for storage details. Unfortunately Meadow Lane cannot be held responsible for any discolouration or problems with stems that occur because we cannot guarantee they have been stored or displayed correctly.
  • Can Meadow Lane oversee or create bespoke arrangements?
    We are a very small enterprise, so unfortunately we are unable to create anything bespoke at the moment.
  • Are stems sold separately?
    Yes. Please see our individual stems collection here.
  • Can I put my stems in water?
    Meadow Lane faux stems can be included in real displays to bring life to a lacklustre bouquet. However, we don’t recommend putting the artificial stems themselves in water because the ends are not sealed and the interior of each stem is stiffened with a moldable material that isn’t water resistant. This also applies to faux arrangements placed in glass vases. Water should not be included.
  • Can my Meadow Lane fauxs be displayed in hot environments like conservatories?
    Meadow Lane faux displays are absolutely suitable for conservatories, orangeries, sun rooms and on windowsills. However, please bear in mind they are made of silk and other delicate materials which may suffer in extreme heat or when placed in direct sunlight behind glass.
  • How do I arrange my Meadow Lane faux bouquets?
    Please see our Top Tips page.
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