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My passion for flowers started at a very young age. Growing up on a farm in a tiny hamlet in west Oxfordshire, I was surrounded by the fritillary flower, which peppered the meadows around Ducklington churchyard and was farmed by my grandfather (and now my cousin). It’s a very special flower to me and every year the family would open up the fields for the public to admire its simple beauty. As a teenager, I would go to floristry classes, which continued to feed my growing interest in flowers. But as my twenties arrived, I soon found myself working a ‘normal’ job, marrying and having children and my love of all things floral was forced to take a backseat. 

Liz x

Liz Stockings, founder of lifestyle brand Meadow Lane Faux Florals.

MeadowLaneflorals About Liz
Fritillaries Pattern Meadowlane Faux Florals
MeadowLaneflorals About Liz

It was during the early days of being a new mum that my love of ‘faux’ was born. I was amazed at how a simple bouquet could instantly transform my home. It lifted my spirits in the fog of sleepless nights and the chaos of early parenthood. To me, artificial flowers were hassle free, mess free, instant beauty. I was hooked.

MeadowLaneflorals-Faux Florals
Fritillaries Pattern Meadowlane Faux Florals
MeadowLaneflorals About Liz

For the last couple of years, I’ve been searching for something to do for just me, that didn’t revolve around my family or my husband’s work. I also wanted to inspire my two girls and show them that with a little hard work, anything is possible. And so after a lot of research, college courses and meticulously crafting and styling bouquets at my kitchen table, Meadow Lane Faux Florals was born.

Fritillaries Pattern Meadowlane Faux Florals
MeadowLaneflorals-faux flowers

My aim is to help you style your home with sophisticated, oh-so-realistic luxury florals that require minimum effort but have maximum impact. I am extremely picky when it comes to selecting stems - everything I select has to be a perfect copy of a fresh flower and only the best will do! I am so excited to see where the beginnings of this little business take me, my husband John (my biggest supporter) and our two girls. I hope you love our range as much as we do.

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