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As autumn begins to take hold, why not celebrate the shift in the seasons with our Pinehurst display. The faded pinky elegance of the voluminous Hydrangeas give this design a gorgeous rustic richness which will bring instant warmth and style to your home. The opposing textures of the twigged Ivy and delicate sprays of flocked Fern are the perfect accompaniment to the dusky mopheads. This design has a vintage feel and looks great in our deep green Kingham vase.


Display includes:

x2 Eucalyptus

x2 Ivy twigs

x3 Fern

x3 Hydrangea


SKU: 0008
£135.00 Regular Price
£67.50Sale Price


  • * Displayed in the Kingham vase which is available to purchase separately from our collection.

  • * All displays arrive beautifully packaged. We don’t prearrange so that they can be displayed in any vase of your choice from your home.

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