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How to display your Faux Florals

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We have found after much market research that people don’t always want to purchase our vases and display their new faux displays in vases which they already own. With this in mind we didn’t want to pre arrange the gorgeous stems to allow customers to display in a container of their choice. All our stems come beautifully packaged but here are four top tops on how to arrange yourself at home.

Top Tip One:-

If you wish to move your stems throughout the year from different vases/containers then the best option for you is to bend the stems at your required length. However, as much as this can be the preferred option amongst most, if you wanted to the adjust the display the ‘hook’ on the stem will then catch other stems therefore the possibility of ruining your beautiful work. We only really recommend this technique on the more simple displays like the Sunningdale.

Top Tip Two:-

Treat your fauxs like real stems. Cut to your desired length using pliers. You will find most pliers wont cut straight through the wire to weaken a place then bend until it snaps. Just like with fresh flowers, then pick off any lower leaves/foliage and arrange any way you wish. This method gives you a stunning natural look.

Top Tip Three:-

For those of you who like displays a bit more structured and precise then this is your best option. Get some florists foam/oasis. Unlike with fresh stems you DON’T need to soak it in water. Cut the foam into pieces so that it fits into the bottom of your desired container. Make sure you pad it in tightly so that the foam doesn’t move around, it doesn’t matter how many pieces are in their, just so long as they fit in tightly. By using the foam you can now arrange you flowers exactly how you want them as once you place a stem into the foam it will stay in that exact place.

Top Tip Four:-

For wide rimmed vases/containers. If you don’t want the precise structure with using oasis/foam then this could be the one for you. Get some tape (masking will be fine) and criss cross it across the top of the vase/container leaving little square holes. Then when you place a stem through the gaps it doesn’t stay exactly still therefore giving a more natural look. This technique can be applied to any container.

Finally, don’t forget, each stem doesn’t need to be cut the same length as the other, to create texture and depth its better if they are all different lengths. And keep the hero flower at center stage.

Hopefully we have covered a variety of techniques to suit everyone’s needs. Happy arranging.

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